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Carpet Cleaning in Orlando

New Look Carpet Cleaning of Orlando has been cleaning carpets for 18 years, and we're second to none. We use the best products available in the industry, safe for you, your family, and your home. We are the most affordable carpet cleaning service in the Orlando Florida area.

Carpet Smells and Odors

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It's very simple; retail home vacuums don't have more than one or two elements of suction to grab the dirt in your carpet. After years of grime buildup and layering, the sediment begins to smell and create an odor in your home. Our equipment can fix this; our machinery is capable of creating the proper conditions needed to remove this smelly residue.

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Cleaning Carpet Spots
and Carpet Stains

Orlando has plenty of things to stain your carpet; we're not just sand and sunshine. The problem is, many chemicals contained in "over the counter" carpet stain sprays, can damage the dye; and also cause thread color blotching. If your carpet accidentally gets stained, cover it quickly with a wet towel, and give us a call. We have the equipment here locally in Orlando to completely clean carpet stains. Call us today for a FREE estimate, we're happy to answer your questions and concerns.

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